Every type of visa application has a fee associated with it. The fee will vary depending on the type of visa that is being applied for. Whether applying for a permanent visa or a temporary visa, there will always be at least a basic processing fee.

Some examples of visa application fee rates may be as follows: Fiance or marriage visa- ($240.00); Petition-based visas ($190.00); non-petition based visas ($160.00). These figures may change with each year and do not include other fees and costs.

What other Types of Visa Application Fees can I Expect?

In some cases, a visa application may involve additional fees. These will depend on the type of application, as well as the specific needs or preferences of the applicant. For instance, these can include:

  • Extradition fee
  • Biometrics fee (i.e., fingerprints)
  • Affidavit of Support (AOS) fee
  • Fees associated with returning resident status
  • Fee for requesting waiver of visa ineligibility

Again, these extra fees don’t apply to every visa application. Also, every visa application fee may be subject to change each year.

Are there Fee Waivers?

There may be various fee waivers available for certain applications. When requesting a fee waiver, you will definitely need to provide documentation in support of request (such as proof of financial need). On the other hand, certain waivers may be associated with an additional fee (such as the waiver of visa ineligibility listed above).

Failure to pay a visa application fee will generally result in an immediate denial of the application. It may be possible to appeal an application, but failing to pay a processing fee is very difficult to appeal. It is usually advisable to request a fee waiver before or during the application process, not after.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Visa Application Fees?

Visa application fees are an important part of the application process. You may wish to hire an immigration lawyer if you have any questions, concerns, or legal issues with an immigration visa application. Your attorney can assist you with your application to ensure that all the requirements are being met. Also, your lawyer can provide you with representation in the event that you need to attend an immigration hearing.