Employment law regulates and governs various aspects of employment practices. It covers everything from hiring, wages, employment contracts, benefits, termination, and many other legal issues. In addition, employment law may also cover other aspects of the workplace, including discrimination, labor unions, and the hiring of immigrants. Thus, employment laws may also have some overlap with other areas of law.

Employment law is distinct from business law, which governs other aspects such as business filing incorporation, and structures of businesses. Again, there may be some interaction between business laws and employment laws in some instances.

What Types of Cases Do Michigan Employment Attorneys Handle?

Employment attorneys represent clients in a wide array of legal cases. These can include issues like:

  • Employment contract disputes
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Violations or conflicts involving employment discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Wrongful termination

What Other Tasks Do Michigan Employment Attorneys Handle?

In addition to filing and handling lawsuits, employment attorneys can also perform various other tasks. For instance, they might help a client when it comes to formulating and negotiating an employment contract. Or, they might help a client who needs to attend a mediation session with their employer.

Lastly some cases may require a filing with a government agency. For instance, most discrimination cases are processed through the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In such cases, the lawyer may help guide their client during the EEOC investigation process.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Employment Issues?

Employment laws can sometimes be complex and difficult to fully understand you may need to hire a Michigan employment contract lawyer if you need help with any employment disputes or issues. Your attorney can provide you with legal information, research, and representation for your claim. Also, if you need to attend any court meetings and hearings, your lawyer can accompany you and guide you during the legal processes.