Parental Responsibility for Juvenile Crime

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What Is Juvenile Crime?

Juvenile crime refers to the class of crimes that are committed by juveniles (persons under the age of 18). The criminal justice system has an entire set of laws that address crimes committed by juveniles. However, in some cases, juveniles can be tried as adults. 

What Are Parental Accountability Laws?

Parental Accountability Laws are laws that some states use to hold parents legally responsible for crimes committed by their children. These laws are based on a number of theories, including: 

What Are some Juvenile Crimes that Parents can be held Liable for?

A parent may be held liable for many types of criminal violations committed by their child. Specifically, newer violations have arisen in connection with youth and minors. Parents might be held liable for these newer crimes as well, which may include:

What Are the Consequences of Parental Accountability Laws? 

There can be civil and criminal consequences for parents who are found guilty of violating Parental Accountability Laws. These consequences include: 

Do I Need a Criminal Attorney?

If your minor child has been charged with a crime, it is very important to speak to a criminal attorney, preferably one experienced in juvenile crime. A criminal attorney can advise you about the legal consequences for you and your child. 

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