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How Does the Juvenile Criminal System Differ from the Adult System?

The criminal justice systems for adults and juveniles differ in many significant ways. There differences vary from state to state, but in general:

One of the main differences between the juvenile and adult justice systems lies in their overall aim. For the juvenile justice system, the main aim is to rehabilitate and reform the juvenile offender so that they can resume functioning normally in society. Thus, the focus is more on alternative sentences that keep the juvenile out of jail, such as probation, parole, and diversionary programs.

What Are Some Similarities between the Two Systems?

Though the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems have significant differences, there are also similarities between the two. Most importantly, individuals in both systems retain many of the same rights. These include:

Do I Need an Attorney for My Juvenile Delinquency Case?

If you are accused of a delinquent act, you should speak with a criminal defense lawyer immediately. The criminal law system is complicated, and the consequences involved can be great. An experienced attorney can help you learn more about your rights and defenses.

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