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What are MIP Laws?

A Minor in Possession (MIP) offense is the crime of possessing an alcoholic beverage in public while under the legal age of 21. A Minor in Possession offense is a misdemeanor, with penalties ranging in severity depending upon individual state laws.

For the Purposes of MIP Laws, What Constitutes Possession?

Possession of an alcoholic beverage means one is personally holding or carrying an alcoholic beverage. However, even if one is to place an alcoholic beverage on the ground, that person is still constructively in possession of that liquor, even though that person is no longer actually holding the alcohol.

Possession could be individual or shared with another person or party. While sharing an alcoholic beverage with another, one is still in possession even if that person is not directly holding the beverage. This is considered joint possession.

What is a Public Place?

Whether a place is considered "public" will vary between states. However, a public place is generally defined as any place that is open to the public, ranging from parks to bars/restaurants to streets or highways.

What are the Penalties or Legal Consequences of an MIP if Convicted?

General penalties for an MIP conviction include:

What Should I Do if I Am Charged with a Minor In Possession?

If you are charged with a Minor in Possession, a criminal defense lawyer can help you understand your rights and legal defenses, and guide you through the complicated legal process.

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