Wage and hour claims in New York involve violations of an employee’s rights to wages they have earned. Under New York law, employees must provide annual pay notices to their employees. Employers must also provide wages on a bi-monthly basis (twice a month). Some wage and hour claims can result in a loss of wages of the employer. If this is the case, the employer may be required to pay the worker back wages if they are found liable for a violation.

What Are Some Categories of Different Wage and Hour Claims?

New York employment laws cover various subcategories of wage and hour claims. These can include legal issues such as:

  • Minimum wage and wage rate disputes
  • Unpaid/withheld wages
  • Supplemental wages
  • Fringe benefits
  • Breaks and rest periods
  • Specific issues such as farming and industry standards
  • Work through employment agencies

Thus, a loss of wages or other employment rights can happen in many different ways.  Some cases can involve multiple legal issues and other workplace disputes.

How Can I File a State Wage and Hour Claim in New York?

To file a wage and hour claim in the state of New York, you will usually need to file with a government body such as the New York Department of Labor. This is generally a pre-requisite before being able to file a private lawsuit. The New York Department of Labor regulates and oversees wage claims and various other employment-related disputes.

Wage-hour claims can be filed directly with the Department of Labor, which will conduct an investigation. This will generally require the assistance of a qualified New York employment attorney. Most wage and hour disputes result in a damages award to reimburse the employee for their losses.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With New York Wage and Hour Claims?

Wage and hour claims can sometimes involves legal theories are that are quite challenging. You may need to hire a lawyer if you have any legal disputes or claims involving wage and hour disputes in New York. Your attorney can help interpret New York laws for you so that you obtain the appropriate legal remedy. Also, your New York employment lawyer can represent you in court if you need to make an appearance.