Hiring an Attorney after an Illegal Paycheck Deduction

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Hiring an Attorney after an Illegal Payroll Deduction

If you believe that your employer has illegally deducted money from your paycheck, you should definitely consider consulting a lawyer. An experienced employment law attorney will be able to tell you if your employer did in fact break the law. 

Types of Payroll Deductions 

Depending on your location and the nature of the deduction, your employer’s actions may have been legal

For example, in some instances, it is permissible for an employer to make deductions from your wages for the cost of necessary supplies, including uniforms and tools. Other types of payroll deductions may be mandatory for government tax, social security, or Medicare purposes.

However, if your rights were in fact violated by an illegal paycheck deduction, your lawyer will be able to advise you of the best course of action.

Talking to Your Employer

Often it is helpful to simply inform your employer of the problem. The payroll deduction may have been accidental, or your employer may not have been aware that the action was illegal.

Taking Legal Action

If confronting your employer is not possible or simply has no effect, there are other options available to you. These include submitting a complaint to the Department of Labor (DOL), or filing a lawsuit. Consulting with an employment lawyer to help you make these decisions and assist you through the process will greatly increase the odds of a successful outcome.

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