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What Are Some Illegal Practices Involving Unfair Wages?

Unfair wages make up the majority of employment lawsuits. They are more common than other types of claims such as harassment or even disability claims. Unfair wage lawsuits are usually based on two different areas of employment law: wage and hour laws and discrimination Laws. 

Unfair wage lawsuits based on wage and hour laws usually involve:

Unfair wage lawsuits that are based on discrimination laws typically involve issues with unequal pay. This is where an employee is discriminated against and is paid less than another employee for the same type of work. Unfair wage claims are commonly about discrimination that was based on:

What Are Some Other Issues Involved in Unfair Wages Lawsuits?

Besides the two main concerns regarding wage/hour and discrimination laws, there may be other issues involved in an unfair wages lawsuit. These can include:

What Should I Do If I Have Legal Issues with Unfair Wages in My Workplace?

There may be several legal remedies for an Unfair Wages violation. The first involves filing a complaint with a government agency such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The agency will conduct an investigation and prescribe an appropriate remedy, such as requiring the employer to change their company policies.

Another option is to file a private civil lawsuit against the employer who engaged in unfair wage practices. The employee may be able to recover a monetary damages award to cover the lost wages. It’s usually necessary to file a complaint with the government agency before a civil lawsuit can be filed.  

In any event, you’ll want to compile the necessary evidence if you have any issues with unfair wages in your workplace. Evidence can include:

You may also want to create a written account of the violation, so that you have a record of the events leading to the unfair wages violation.  Be sure to include contact information and testimonies of any witnesses to the violation.

Should I Hire a Lawyer If I Have Problems with Unfair Wages?

If you believe that you have a legal issue involving unfair wages, it’s in your best interest to hire an employment lawyer in your area. An experienced lawyer can help you identify which laws apply to your case, and can help you obtain a legal remedy for the violation.

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