The Texas Labor Code is a broad and diverse body of employment laws that governs labor standards in Texas.  It includes standards for issues like wages, fair work practices, discrimination, wage payments, and worker’s compensation.  The Texas Labor Code is a rather massive body of laws that generally requires the assistance of an attorney for help in understanding it.

Many labor disputes may involve a mix of both federal and state violations.  Thus, many labor violation lawsuits will involve both federal statutes and the Texas Labor Code.  The Texas Labor Code may be different compared with the labor laws of other states.

What are Wage Payment Laws?

Wage payment laws are those laws that dictate how an employer is supposed to pay their employees.  A failure to follow these laws can lead to a wage and hour lawsuit.  In the state of Texas, wage payment laws include the following requirements:

  • Frequency:  Employers must pay employees at least twice a month (i.e., semi-monthly).  This only applies to employees who aren’t exempt from overtime pay
  • Paydays:  The employer must also designate the paydates for the employees.  These are usually the 1st and the 15th of each month
  • Failure to pay:  If the employer does not pay an employee on the designated day, they must pay the employee on another regular business day, according to the worker’s consent
  • Method:  Payments can be in cash, check, or direct deposit

There may also be various other requirements set by Texas Labor Laws, including minimum wages and overtime guidelines.  Failure to follow these laws can result in a violation for the employer.

What if I Have a Wage and Hour Dispute?

Legal remedies for wage payment disputes usually include some sort of damages award to compensate the worker for lost wages.  This may require thorough documentation by the worker to prove the amount of wages that they lost.

Filing a wage and hour claim usually requires the employer to file with a government agency such as the EEOC or the Texas Workforce Commission (especially if the claim also involves some form of discrimination).  If these types of agencies are unable to provide legal remedies, the person may then likely be able to file a private lawsuit for damages.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With the Texas Labor Code and Wage Laws?

Wage law disputes in Texas are subject to some rather specific state standards and requirements.  You may wish to contact a qualified Texas employment lawyer in your area if you need assistance with any Texas Labor Code provisions. Your attorney can assist you in filing a claim or in filing a lawsuit, in order to help you obtain the proper legal remedy for your losses.