Nebraska has enacted several laws to protect the rights of employees.

  • The Nebraska Fair Employment Act
  • Nebraska Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • The Equal Pay Act
  • The Act Providing Equal Enjoyment of Public Accommodations

Each of these laws provides employees with important rights and options. Contact a local employment lawyer today to discuss your protections under any of these laws.

Part-time vs. Full-time

In most cases, Nebraska makes no distinction between “full-time” and “part-time” employment.  Begin by reviewing your employment contract if you are unsure how many hours are required of you. However, you will want to speak with a lawyer if you believe that your wages are not being calculated or paid correctly.

Minimum Wage

Nebraska recently raised its minimum wage to $9.00 per hour ($2.13 per hour for waitresses and waiters) but those in training can be paid less and there are numerous other exemptions to the minimum wage requirement. Minimum wage may not apply to:

  • Farm or field workers,
  • Baby sitters,
  • Those working for charitable or religious organizations,
  • Apprentices, and
  • Persons with disabilities already receiving government funded support.

A employment and labor law attorney can help you better understand the minimum wage that you can be paid for your job.


Nebraska does not have specific laws regulating overtime but you should understand your rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which provides federal regulation of overtime pay.


An employer may not discriminate against you based on your:

  • Race,
  • Color,
  • National origin,
  • Religion,
  • Sex (including pregnancy),
  • Disability, or
  • Marital status.

Furthermore, your employer may not discriminate based on your age (40+ are protected in Nevada).

Time Off

Generally, Nebraska does not require employers to provide paid vacation or other benefits. However, you should always review your employment contact as you may contractual rights to certain benefits. You may want to consider having an employment lawyer review your employment contract to help you better understand your rights and options.

Where Can I Find the Right Lawyer to Help Me?

Contacting a Nebraska labor lawyer is great first-step towards securing your rights as an employee.