An immigration lawyer is an attorney that specifically represent immigrants on issues of citizenship and naturalization. Immigration law is based in federal law. Immigration lawyers often charge low rates and some even work pro bono, or without charge, on behalf of their clients.

What Kind of an Arrangement Will My Attorney Require?

The kind of arrangement an immigration lawyer will require will vary depending on the kind of lawyer, whether you are paying them, and what kind of case you bring to them. Some immigration cases merely require a bit of paperwork, while others require going in front of a judge. Appearances by your lawyer in court are likely to cost more than simple paperwork cases. This is what is meant by the “scope of representation.” The fees charged will depend on what the lawyer expect to do for your case.

Which Fees Will My Attorney Charge?

Some attorneys will insist on a consultation charge, while others will offer this service for free. A retainer is a common way a lawyer prefers to be paid. With retainers, the lawyer is paid in advance, and any unused portion of the money is returned to the client after the case is over.

Flat rates are another option for immigration law cases. With a flat rate, the attorney will tell you exactly how much the case will cost. But you should ask about any hidden expenses such as photocopying fees or filing fees. Many lawyers charge hourly and bill hours based on tasks.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Yes. Immigration law is very complex and requires rigorous representation by an immigration lawyer who is familiar with federal code regarding citizenship and naturalization.