There are a number of independent court systems in the United States. The federal government and every state operate their own courts. However, many people are unaware that there are also courts dedicated to specialized topics. For example, the Immigration Court specializes in only handling immigration cases.

The Immigration Court is an administrative court run by the U.S. Department of Justice. There are more than 200 Immigration Judges in 50 Immigration Courts nationwide. 

What Does the Immigration Court Do?

The immigration court is responsible for judging immigration cases. Their duties include being able to grant foreign nationals legal status in the United States, having foreign nationals who have committed an immigration crime in the U.S. deported or removed, and hearing appeals from foreign nationals seeking asylum

Do I Need a Lawyer for Immigration Court?

If you had to be in court on a criminal or civil matter, you would of course hire a lawyer to represent you. Similarly, it is just as important to hire an attorney to represent you if you have to go to a hearing in Immigration Court. The U.S. government will be represented by a lawyer during your hearing and it is essential that you have a qualified immigration attorney next you representing your own interests.