U.S. immigration laws govern various issues related to immigrants and immigration procedures. This is a broad body of law that covers many different subjects. Immigration laws may be subject to change every single year, since the number of visas issued to a given country may be different. Also, U.S. immigration laws apply to various other areas, especially business and employment laws.

What Do U.S. Immigration Laws Cover?

As mentioned, U.S. immigration laws cover many, many different subjects. These include:

Penalties for immigration violations usually involve removal, or a ban on re-entry into the U.S. You may wish to hire a lawyer if you have any legal issues or concerns involving immigration laws.

Why Do Immigration Laws Change so Often?

Unlike other areas of law, such as criminal law or personal injury law, immigration laws tend to change on a much more frequent basis. This is due to several factors including:

  • Changes in national security needs
  • Differences in visa quotas, which depend on the number of visas issued the previous years
  • Ever-changing global conditions
  • Shifting perspectives in the ongoing immigration policy debate in the U.S.
  • Thus, understanding immigration laws can be difficult, and may require extra research or consultation with a legal professional.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with U.S. Immigration Laws?

If you have any legal concerns, questions, or disputes, you may wish to hire an immigration lawyer for advice or representation. Your lawyer can provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding U.S. immigration laws. Also, your lawyer can assist you with various immigration forms, documents, and legal proceedings as necessary.