Illegal Immigrant Children FAQs

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Illegal Immigrant Children FAQs

Illegal immigration is a violation of the U.S. immigration policies and laws. It is the crime of an adult or a child entering the U.S. illegally or overstaying their visa.

What If I Was Born to Illegal Immigrants In the United States?

Children who were born in the United States are legal citizens, even if their parents are illegal immigrants are legal citizens. These children are not considered illegal immigrants.

Which Children Are Considered Illegal Immigrants?

An illegal immigrant child is someone who was born in another country. The child entered the U.S. illegally prior to adulthood. The child may have grown up speaking English, and they may have attended school in the United States. They may even think that they are an American citizen. However, under current U.S. immigration law, that child is still an illegal immigrant.

Can I Remain In the U.S. Legally Even If I Am Here Illegally?

It depends. You may qualify for asylum. Another option is to apply for a green card if you can obtain sponsorship through a close relative who is a permanent resident. If you are old enough, you also may be able to obtain a green card through marrying a U.S. citizen, if the marriage is valid.

What If I Am Being Deported?

An individual can submit a cancellation of removal form. The form offers relief by stopping the deportation orders. An illegal immigrant is eligible to use the form if they have:

Should I Talk to an Attorney about Becoming Legal?

Yes. If you have questions about your immigration status or want help changing a child’s immigration status, contact an immigration attorney.

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