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Most Common Immigration Law Issues:

What Are Immigration Laws?

Immigration laws govern various aspects of travel and relocation from foreign countries into the United States.  They also include other aspects such as changing citizenship status, obtaining passports, residence and work in the U.S., and penalties for violations.

One of the more common immigration violations is fraudulent intent in an immigration application. Intentionally falsifying immigration information is a serious offense and can be met with strict legal penalties.

What Are Some Common Immigration Concerns in Phoenix?

Phoenix, Arizona often receives more immigration claims than other regions due to its location near an international border. Arizona immigration policies are often subject to much adjustment and change due to social and economic factors. Some common immigration issues that arise in Phoenix may include:

In particular, immigration violations may result in penalties such as removal, which is deportation from the country. This can be accompanied by a ban on re-entry, which may or may not be lifted after several years. In addition, immigration violations may be accompanied by criminal consequences.

What If I Have an Immigration Issue?

If you have an immigration issue or concern, you may wish to take the following steps:

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Immigration Issues in Phoenix, Arizona? 

Immigration laws can often change and may be somewhat complex. You may need to hire a Phoenix immigration lawyer if you or a loved one needs legal representation for an immigration issue. Your attorney can provide you with advice, legal guidance, and representation if you need to appear for a hearing. Also, be sure to ask if you have specific questions, since immigration laws and policies can change frequently.

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