Immigration laws can cover a wide range of different legal issues. In the state of New Jersey, certain immigration issues frequently arise, including:

  • Issues with temporary or permanent visas
  • Adjustment of status claims
  • Removal (deportation) hearings
  • Work visas and other employment-related immigration needs

Certain immigration laws may be subject to change each year. For instance, the maximum number of family-based petition visas issued in a year may vary depending on the number issued in the previous year.

What Do Immigration Lawyers Do?

Immigration attorneys can provide their clients with a number of different services. For instance, they can help research immigration quotas to determine the number of visas being issued for that year and country. Immigration lawyers can also represent clients if they are facing an immigration interview, or if they’re being summoned to appear in immigration court.

In addition, immigration lawyers can sometimes perform tasks that involve other fields. For instance, an immigration lawyer may work with an employer to help ensure that they are following hiring laws when it comes to documenting workers.

What Are Some Tips for Finding Immigration Lawyers in New Jersey?

Traditional methods for finding an immigration lawyer generally included: phone book listings, advertisements, word of mouth, or recommendations from former clients. However, these methods can sometimes take a long time and don’t provide much feedback on a lawyer’s background.

Newer methods for finding a lawyer now include online searches and online matching services such as those provided by LegalMatch allows a person to be matched directly with immigration lawyers in New Jersey and all other states.

When seeking a lawyer, be sure to check their credentials and background. Also, you may wish to write out exactly what type of services and representation you are looking for. This can help you locate a lawyer who will be able to handle your exact legal needs.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Immigration Issues?

You may wish to hire a qualified immigration lawyer in New Jersey if you or a loved one of yours needs legal assistance. Your attorney can provide you with advice and guidance so that you know what steps you need to take. A qualified New Jersey immigration lawyer will be able to answer your questions and guide you throughout the legal process.