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How Can My Hearing Be Affected At Work?

Exposure to noise may cause a temporary change in hearing or a temporary ringing in your ears. Short-term hearing problems usually go away within a few minutes or hours after the noise stops. However, if the noise is constant, you may suffer long-term consequences related to occupational deafness, and you may ultimately lose your hearing. If you work with excessively loud tools or equipment on a regular basis, you could be at risk for permanent hearing loss or damage.

How Can I Prevent Hearing Loss?

You may be one of 30 million workers who are currently exposed to dangerous noise levels. You can try to decrease noise levels and protect against hearing loss or damage by using:

What Can I Do If My Hearing Has Been Affected At Work?

Work-related hearing loss is a major employment concern. Personal safety and health is put in jeopardy when an employee suffers hearing impairment as a result of his performance on the job. Bringing your concerns to the attention of your co-workers, union, or employer may lead to hearing loss prevention programs in your workplace or improved work conditions. If the situation remains unchanged and problematic, you should consider talking with an attorney who is familiar with employment regulations and laws.

Can My Employer Be Held Responsible For My Hearing Loss?

In some cases, your hearing loss or damage may be covered by workers compensation. Depending on your employment situation, you may also be covered by certain health and safety laws. For example, certain workers are entitled to hearing protection under the following federal regulations:

Do I Need A Lawyer?

Discussing your work-related health and safety questions and concerns with an employment or workers compensation lawyer may be extremely beneficial. Also, if your hearing has been affected by hazardous noise levels, an attorney will be able to offer you the necessary support and guidance if you decide to take legal action.

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