Electric bikes are bicycles that have been outfitted with electric motors to assist the bicycler while pedaling. In most cases, the electric bike, or e-bike, is not fully automatic; the bicycler still needs to pedal.

However, the electric bike components provide a power assist with each pedal movement, so the biker does not have to push as hard when riding. This results in a smoother ride, faster speeds, and less energy expenditure for the bicyclist. They can then ride over different terrain easier (like hills) and can bike for longer as well.

Electric bike accidents can occur like any other bicycle accident. However, there may be differences in the speed of an e-bike, and differences in handling an e-bike. For instance, electric bikes can sometimes accelerate faster than conventional bikes. This can cause miscalculations for automobile drivers and pedestrians. E-bike accidents can include:

  • E-bike to car accidents;
  • Pedestrian to e-bike accidents; and
  • Accidents with other bikers.

Electric bikes are often used in city tours. Thus, collisions with other e-bikers can occur frequently. Injuries can include head, back, and spine injuries, abrasions, and broken bones. In some cases, severe injury can occur, especially if the accident involves a collision with a motor vehicle.

What Other Issues are Associated with Electric Bikes?

As with any electric-powered vehicle, electric bicycles may be associated with fire risks in connection with the electric components and with the motor aspects of the bike.

These can result from product defect issues, such as a design defect or manufacturing defect. In such cases, a product recall may be issued for a defective electric bike or for defective e-bike components. Legal action and class action lawsuits may also result. 

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Who Can be Held Liable for an Electric Bike Accident or Injury?

Various parties can be held liable for an electric bicycle accident or injury, depending on the facts surrounding the incident. Liable parties may include:

  • Vehicle drivers;
  • Other bicyclists;
  • Pedestrians; and/or
  • E-bike manufacturers or distributors.

In most cases, a collision lawsuit may be based on negligence or recklessness. Electric bike lawsuits typically result in compensatory damages award to the victim. The award may allow the injured party to recover losses caused by the accident, including hospital bills and medical costs.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Assistance with an Electric Bike Accident Lawsuit?

Electric bike accidents can lead to serious injuries. It may be in your best interests to hire a personal injury attorney in your area if you have been injured in an electric bike accident. Your lawyer can help you file a claim and can represent you during the court process to help you obtain an appropriate legal remedy.