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When Are Nail Salons Liable?

Nail salons are liable for personal injury torts when the plaintiff can definitively prove that the salon’s negligence led to injury or illness.

Each state has its own requirements for training and licensing procedures for nail salons. If these requirements are not met, the salon is also liable for violating labor laws.

Common nail salon cases revolve around fungus, but it is also possible to contract more serious viruses through nail salons such as staph infections, MRSA, or hepatitis. If the customer has an open wound, the infection can easily enter the body if the salon has not taken proper care with cleanliness.

In a recent California case, a woman alleged that her botched pedicure caused her pinky toe to be amputated in less than a week.

Can a Plaintiff Recover Remedies in a Nail Salon Claim?

Nail salon claims revolve around negligence charges. There are certain elements that must all be present to prove negligence in personal injury claims. 

If negligence can be proven, a plaintiff can recover remedies in a nail salon claim.

How Do Nail Salons Defend Against Claims?

Nail salons can defend against claims by proving that the injury wasn’t caused by their own unsanitary conditions. There are statutes of limitations for nail salon claims as well. Each state has their own regulations for tort filings.

Another common legal issue regarding nail salons includes hiring illegal immigrants. Nail salons have recently been at the center of immigrant exploitation scandals.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you have an injury that you believe is the result of nail salon negligence, or you believe a nail salon you know is employing illegal immigrants, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately. An attorney can help you devise your best case and represent you during settlement negotiations and in court.

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