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Airplane Turbulence Lawyer

In-flight injuries are more common than you may expect. The turbulence from the skies makes the airplane jolt erratically. When the airplane jolts, items may tumble in the hallway or from the overhead compartments and hit passengers.

If an injury occurs from airplane turbulence, legal claims may be made against the airline, manufacturers and the Federal Aviation Administration.

What Are Some Common in-Flight Injuries?

One of the most common in-flight injuries is from luggage falling from the overhead compartments. This can occur when a latch malfunctions or when an airline attendant does not fully securing the overhead compartment.

Other common injuries include poorly fasten food carts that rolls onto passengers and flying objects. All these injuries are preventable, and the airline has a duty to prevent them.

What Legal Claims Do I Have?

Depending on the nature of the injury, the injured party may have claims that arise from negligence and products liability.

Under the negligence claim theory, the airline and the Federal Aviation Administration have duties to prevent injuries to passengers. The breach that duty when they do not take reasonable steps to make the flight safe, and as a result, cause injuries to the passengers.

One exception to this rule is that "Acts of God" (i.e. turbulence) are not considered to be negligence acts. But since turbulence is common during a flight, any foreseeable result of the turbulence will lead to liability. For example, if the airline did not secure its food items in its pantry and bottles of wine hit passengers during landing, then the airline will most likely be liable.

Under the products liability theory, the manufacturer and the airline may be liable for a poorly made plane. For example, there could be liability if the plane is made with faulty restroom cabinet doors that randomly opens and hit passengers on the head.

Should I Contact the Federal Aviation Administration?

You may report any imminent harm to the Federal Aviation Administration to prevent injuries to others. However, making a complaint to them will not help you recover damages.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer is needed to help you recover damages for your injuries. He will help you file all necessary court documents to help you pay for your medical expenses and for future pain and suffering.

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