Falling objects injuries are injuries that result from structures or other objects falling onto a person from a higher place. In many cases, this can involve a dangerous building or a negligently placed object. In other cases, it can also involve some amount of recklessness if a person is dropping or throwing objects from a higher area.

Falling objects injuries typically result in injuries to the head, neck shoulder, or back regions. These can be very serious injuries depending on the weight of the object as well as the height of the fall.

What are Some Common Falling Object Injuries?

There are many different scenarios that can involve a falling object causing an injury. Some common falling object injuries include:

  • Injuries resulting from a construction site accident (such as a falling beam)
  • Injuries resulting from a structure collapsing or from beams, etc. falling
  • Items falling out of trees, stairs, ledges, or other elevated places
  • Broken shelves or overhangs
  • Items falling from shelves in a store
  • Items falling out of moving vehicles
  • Injuries resulting from persons dropping objects (such as when a person throws or drops an item out of a window onto the sidewalk)
  • Various other types of situations

Are There any Legal Remedies for Falling Object Injuries?

Depending on the exact facts of the situation, the defendant may have to pay money to the injured party. For a case involving negligence (such as when a person gets injured in a store due to an object falling unintentionally), the liable party may need to pay damages to compensate the person for their injuries and associated costs. In cases involving recklessness or intentional behavior, punitive damages can also be issued on top of other types of damages.

Some falling objects cases can result in a class action lawsuit. For instance, there may be cases where many persons are injured by the same type of defective product, such as a shelf or dresser. In other cases, a single incident can cause injury to a large group of people (such as when a building collapses).

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a Falling Object Injury Case?

Falling object accidents can sometimes be very serious, and can result in severe injuries. You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer in your area if you need legal assistance with a falling object injury claim. Your attorney will be able to provide you with legal research and information for your particular claim. Also, if you will be needing to make an appearance in court, your lawyer can represent you during those important times as well.