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What is EB-4 Classification?

EB-4 Classification is an employment-based immigrant classification.  EB-4 Classification is reserved for special immigrant religious workers.  To qualify, an alien must be a member of a religious denomination that has a non-profit organization in the U.S.  The alien must have been a member of the denomination for at least two years before applying for admission.

Who is Eligible?

The alien must be coming to the U.S. to work: 

The alien must have been performing this work for at least the past two years. 

How Do I Apply for EB-4 Classification?

For EB-4 Classification, either you or your employer can petition.  Either you or your employer should file USCIS Form I-360 and submit it to the USCIS Regional Service Center in the area where you will be working.  You should also file: 

Do I Need an Experienced Immigration Law Attorney?

Because of the confusing requirements for the letter from the official at the religious organization where you wish to work, a lawyer may be able to help you decide what type of letter you need and what should be included in it.  A lawyer would also be able to guide you through any other immigration laws you may encounter.

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