In most circumstances, a biological parent severs all ties with their child once the child is adopted. A biological parent also loses all legal rights, including visitation and custody, once the adoption becomes final. The same is true for biological grandparents.

Waiting Periods

Many states have a waiting period in which a biological parent may change their mind about the adoption. This waiting period ranges from forty-eight hours to eight days, during which the biological mother may change her mind and have her child returned to her.

Surrogate Mothers

The laws governing surrogate contracts vary from state to state. Some states do not recognize such contracts, while others allow surrogate contracts if no money is exchanged. A few states allow surrogate contracts even where money is exchanged. In states that recognize surrogate contracts, the law generally states that a surrogate mother releases all parental rights to the child at birth. Once the child is born, the biological mother and father adopt the child from the surrogate mother.

How Can a Lawyer help?

If you have an adoption issue a adoption lawyer can advise you on the law in your area and help solve your problem.