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Learn More About Sunrise Manor, NV

Sunrise Manor, Nevada is an area that was voted one of the best places to live and is home to 156,000 Clark County residents. Sunrise Manor is just north of Las Vegas and would be one of the largest cities in Nevada if it were to officially incorporate as a city. One local attraction is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-date Saints which was dedicated in 1989.
A number of locals are also practicing Sunrise Manor lawyers. Lawyers in Sunrise Manor take a diverse selection of cases which include, but are not limited to, bankruptcy, child custody, immigration visa, criminal cases like DUI, bankruptcy, and personal injury cases.
Recently in Sunrise Manor, Leslie Dean Arnold who suffered from dementia and Parkinson’s disease wandered out of Village Oaks Las Vegas Assisted Living. Arnold was found dead two weeks later and only about 50 feet away from the home. Arnold’s surviving family members filed a lawsuit against the nursing home who was in charge of her care and its former owner Marriott International. An excess of $3 million is sought in the wrongful death lawsuit.
Pending criminal charges in Sunrise Manor will likely earn you a summons from the Clark County District Court. Nevada District Courts are responsible for hearing criminal, real property and contract dispute cases but retain exclusive jurisdiction over mental health, probate, civil appeals, domestic relations, felony, and juvenile cases. The U.S. Immigration court in Las Vegas, Nevada is responsible for handling any immigration cases that arise in Sunrise Manor.
LegalMatch is the best way to find a bar certified lawyer in Sunrise Manor, Nevada. LegalMatch offers a free pairing service that guarantees your satisfaction. The Legalmatch LegalCenter provides forums on law, an online law library, and tips for choosing the best lawyer for your particular case.
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