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Learn More About Clark County, NV

The home of Las Vegas, Clark County is the most populous county in Nevada. Although gaming has been Nevada’s primary industry for more than half a century, Clark County had a long history prior to legalized gambling. Weary travelers on the road to Southern California often stopped in the watered desert oasis now known as Las Vegas, which was once home to over 2000 Native Americans.

Today, Clark County is a major tourist destination and the home of many of Nevada’s best educational facilities. Clark County lawyers can assist you with your will, criminal litigation, divorce, a personal injury action, bankruptcy, or any other legal issue you may be facing.

Lawyers in Clark County are familiar with the Clark County courts, located in Las Vegas. These courts operate in Nevada’s 8th Judicial District.   Since all of Clark County’s courts are within Las Vegas city limits, most of the attorneys that practice in these courts are Las Vegas lawyers. Within this court system, Clark County attorneys know how to navigate the Traffic Court, Small Claims, Probate, Family, Civil and Criminal divisions.

The most recent high profile case concerning Clark County had national implications. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, fiercely vying for the democratic presidential nod in early 2008, both went to court to decide whether polling places in the casinos of Las Vegas’ strip could remain open. In a blow to the Clinton camp, the lawsuit was thrown out and the polling places remained open.

Contrary to popular belief, prostitution is not legal in Clark County. Gambling is legal in specific districts within the county, the most popular being the famous Las Vegas strip. Clark County and the state of Nevada also don’t impose an income tax, a bonus that regularly attracts new residents to the state.

If you need an attorney in Clark County, visit for free assistance and advice on finding the right Clark County lawyer for you. Alternatively, explore the following sites for more information on Nevada law and practice in Clark County:

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