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In the 50 years of its existence, Henderson has rapidly grown to become the second largest city in Nevada. Born as a center for rocket fuel production during World War II, Henderson nearly was sold as “military surplus” after the war when its factories shut down. The state of Nevada came to the rescue by purchasing the munitions plants and officially incorporated the city; a fine example of a bailout that actually did help main street.
Henderson lawyers can help you with criminal law, personal injury litigation, filing for bankruptcy, and many other legal issues. Attorneys in Henderson are familiar with the Clark County court system and its various civil, criminal, and juvenile divisions.  Since the courts of Clark County are all located in Las Vegas, Henderson lawyers and Las Vegas lawyers regularly interact with one another on professional and social levels.
Henderson attorneys recently filed suit against the Henderson police department over their fatal shooting of a local ice cream truck driver. A local man was stopped by police for failing to stop at a stop sign. His wife, driving an ice cream truck with her two children in the vehicle, came to the scene to argue for her husband. Police claim the woman attacked her children and the police with a knife, forcing the police to shoot her. The woman’s family contends that she was on her knees when she was shot and that she had no knife.
The Las Vegas area has a huge number of attorneys. Instead of randomly guessing which Henderson attorneys to call, let put you in contact with local, experienced Henderson lawyers. At no cost to you, our service will match you Henderson attorneys that know how to handle your specific legal issue. will also supply you with exclusive background information and user reviews on our attorneys, allowing you to make a confident and informed choice.
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