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Learn More About Nevada

Attorneys in NevadaNevada has long been known for its unique marriage and divorce laws, as well as its permissive gambling and prostitution laws.  In the 1970’s, Nevada led the nationwide trend of no-fault divorce, which made it much easier for couples to dissolve their marriages by waiving the requirement that one party be found “at fault.”

Nevada is just one of two states in the nation to have legalized prostitution.  Rhode Island allows prostitution within private residences, but street prostitution and brothels remain illegal.  Under Nevada law, counties with fewer than 400,000 people have the choice to allow prostitution within county lines.  Clark County (home to Las Vegas) is the only county in the state with a population this large, although Washoe, Douglas, and Lincoln County, along with Carson City, have voluntarily outlawed prostitution within their borders.  At present, brothels can be found in 10 Nevada counties.

Nevada is among the few U.S. states to not impose personal income tax or corporate income tax.  As a result, many businesses choose to incorporate within Nevada, which also allows Boards of Directors to modify or circumvent many traditional business regulations.

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Additionally, Nevada is among a minority of states that do not provide intermediate appellate courts.  Instead, the  Nevada Supreme Court hears all appeals; because the state’s highest court does not have the discretion to reject cases, the system has become overburdened.

Surprising to many, Nevada imposes some of the harshest penalties for drug offenses in the nation.  Nevada is the only state that continues to enforce mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for marijuana possession.  However, Nevada is also one of a minority of states to permit the medical use of marijuana.  In contrast to its drug laws, Nevada’s alcohol laws are some of the most permissive in the country.  Bars can remain open 24 hours a day, and supermarkets, convenience stores, and liquor stores may sell alcohol (including beer, wine, and spirits) 24 hours a day.

If you are facing a legal issue in Nevada and need advice regarding the state’s many unique laws, LegalMatch can help.  This free, confidential service will put you in touch with local pre-screened lawyers who are ready to take your case.

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