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Learn More About Carson City, NV

Carson City was named after the explorer Kit Carson and the capital of Nevada. Carson City is also the county seat of Ormsby County and home to many museums like the Nevada State Museum, State Railroad Museum, and Stewart Indian School which offers a museum of artifacts from past students and faculty.
Carson City is also, unsurprisingly, home to many lawyers who take a variety of cases including chapter 7 bankruptcy, DUI, workers compensation, divorce, and real estate matters. Lawyers in Carson City are able to consult you on any legal issue that you may face, and their high levels of skill and expertise have led to them receiving case referrals from Reno lawyers regularly.
Recently, Carson City Animal Services has faced lawsuits and community ire over its decision to euthanize a dog. Jeraldine Archuleta attempted to retrieve her dog from Carson City Animal Services after the organization picked the dog up on the streets, but she did not pay the requisite fees within 72 hours. Carson City Animal Services then followed its policy of euthanizing the dog. Since the euthanasia of Jeraldine Archuleta’s dog, Carson City has agreed to settle with Ms. Archuleta for $41,000. However, the euthanasia of the dog has spawned a lawsuit from an unlikely party. Gail Radtke was ousted from her position as the manager of Carson City Animal Services in the bad press aftermath of the dog’s euthanasia, and she has recently sued Carson City officials for slander based on the negative statements they have made about how Ms. Radtke and those under her supervision handled the euthanasia situation.
If you are thinking about filing for divorce in Carson City, you will be visiting the First Judicial District Court in downtown Carson City. The district court also takes other family cases, juvenile, mental health, criminal, probate, and appeals cases. If you have a small claims case or locally issued citation, the Carson City Justice/Municipal Court will be your destination.
LegalMatch is the most reliable way to find an experienced lawyer in Carson City. LegalMatch’s free legal matching services will pair you with a Carson City lawyer that specializes in your particular area of legal assistance. LegalMatch has an online law library that you can use to research more about your case.
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