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Enterprise, NV is located in the greater Clark County which is the largest county in the state of Nevada. Clark County is a major tourist destination and contains around 150,000 hotel rooms to support the high volume of tourist coming to the Las Vegas strip. Enterprise is considered one of the fastest growing city’s in the nation and was still experiencing a large influx of people and employment during the recession in 2008. Not only is Enterprise located near the Las Vegas strip but it is also near Lake Mead National Recreation Center, Mt. Charleston, and the Toiyabe National Forest.Enterprise is home to many experienced and skilled attorneys. Enterprise lawyers have worked in many areas of law including business law, family law, real estate, and wills & trusts.

A case reinforcing the death penalty was recently decided by the Nevada Supreme Court in which Mr. Mulder was convicted of robbing and murdering an elderly man in his home. His fingerprints were found on the duck tape used to bind the victim’s feet and hands. The Clark County District Judge had denied the death penalty by dropping some of the charges against Mr. Mulder but the Nevada Supreme Court overturned this decision and reinstated the defendant’s death penalty sentence.
Enterprise is served by the Clark County Courts which consist of the Eighth District Court and Las Vegas Township Justice Court. Together these two courts handle all criminal, family, and civil cases, but only the Las Vegas Township Justice Court handles small claims issues.
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