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As the economic center of Nevada, and with a rapidly growing population, Las Vegas boasts many businesses, consumers, and other players who rely on lawyers when legal problems arise. According to the American Bar Association, there are almost 6,000 attorneys in Nevada, the majority of whom work in the Las Vegas area.

Las Vegas lawyers are often contacted by word of mouth and reputation. How, then, is an individual in need of an attorney expected to get in touch with one if he or she doesn’t have any acquaintances who know a lawyer and nowhere to start?

Solving this basic question is the goal of, a free attorney-client matching service. You outline the details of your problem, and then are matched with pre-screened attorney members who will review your case and help you with your legal matters.

Las Vegas lawyers handle a wide variety of cases. Known as “Sin City,” Las Vegas is a place where illegal activities occur from time to time. In a recent case, a gambler deposited casino winnings into different bank accounts. By keeping deposits less than $10,000, the person attempted to elude the reporting requirements of the IRS, but ultimately was arrested for tax evasion. A dedicated Las Vegas attorney will be able to look into all of the circumstances surrounding the incident, research the law, and get the client the most favorable outcome.

A Las Vegas lawyer will usually try the case in the Clark County Courts of Las Vegas. This is not just one court, but an organization of numerous divisions such as criminal law, civil law, probate law, family law, and traffic law. A Las Vegas lawyer needs to be well-versed in procedures and rules at the Clark County Court, and the more experience the better.

You may not want to meet with a Las Vegas lawyer right now. Your problem may be relatively simple or in the beginning stages. LegalMatch will pair you with a selection of lawyers in Las Vegas who are guaranteed bar certified. If you are looking to lay the foundation by learning about your legal problem, has effective resources to help you. Conduct research or simply browse over 3000 articles contained in the extensive Law Library.

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