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Learn More About South Valley

South Valley, New Mexico, is a community in New Mexico, and is part of the greater Albuquerque metropolitan area. It has a population of over 39,000 people. It is located in Bernalillo County. This area is known for, among other things, its rich abundance of well-preserved Native American artwork, dating back thousands of years, and it has been a popular destination for researchers and enthusiasts for years.
South Valley, and the Albuquerque area in general, are served by a large and dedicated legal community, including many Albuquerque lawyers. These lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals are dedicated to providing residents with justice as quickly and efficiently as possible, and keeping their communities safe. To that end, many lawyers in South Valley, New Mexico are members of the Albuquerque Bar Association, which serves the community of the region through a lawyer referral service, as well as the professional interests of its members, through networking events and continuing legal education.
Unfortunately, South Valley has its share of problems. For example, there are some environmental issues in the area that might have legal consequences. The former sites of several water wells have become contaminated with many different chemicals, and the wells had to be decommissioned and plugged. This has resulted in a plume of toxins in the water table, leading to the area being designated a superfund site.
If you or your property have been injured by these conditions, a good environmental lawyer can help.
If you have an environmental law case in South Valley, you will probably present your case in Bernalillo County Metro Court.
If you need a good lawyer in South Valley, LegalMatch can help you find one, or, more accurately, help one find you. By presenting your case, you will be put in touch with lawyers in or around South Valley who take cases like yours.
You might also consider browsing the Law Library, which contains thousands of articles on virtually any topic.
If you need legal information more closely tailored to the laws of South Valley, and New Mexico, the Albuquerque Public Library maintains a digital collection accessible to its members, with a large number of legal research tools, along with some help on how to use them effectively.
You might also consider using the Albuquerque Bar Association’s lawyer referral service, which can help you get a low-cost initial consultation with an attorney, with no obligation to hire them.
Finally, if you know the citation for a specific New Mexico statute, and want to read the entire law, you can find it here.

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