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Learn More About Belen, NM

Spanish for “Bethlehem”, Belen is sometimes referred to as the Hub City. Over 100 trains pass through Belen every day on their way east or west. The construction of the rail line in Belen was instrumental in increasing east-west traffic of the railroads, due to the slow and precarious journey that previously routed most trains through the mountains between Colorado and New Mexico.
Belen lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal law, personal injury, real estate transactions, family law, and many more.
Attorneys in Belen are currently on both sides of a personal injury lawsuit against Belen’s High School. A student who lost his fingers in woodshop is suing Belen High School for his injuries, claiming the school was negligent in the operation and maintenance of a woodshop saw. The boy, a 14 year old freshman, lost most of his fingers and his thumb in the incident.
This case and others in Belen generally begin in the Valencia County District Court, part of New Mexico’s 13th Judicial District. If you have a case in Belen, you will want a Belen lawyer who is familiar with the various rules and procedures of courts in the 13th district. can help you find an experienced Belen attorney who knows how to represent you. Our free service will match to a Belen lawyer familiar with your legal issue. LegalMatch guarantees the quality of our attorneys. We pre-screen all of our member lawyers to ensure our clients always receive the highest caliber of representation.
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