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Learn More About New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the most sparsely inhabited states in the nation; however, New Mexico has sought to attract businesses and create jobs by implementing a number of economic incentives, which include tax exemptions and tax credits.  New Mexico also offers financial incentives for the film industry, and has hosted over 85 film productions since 2003 as a result.

New Mexico has a broad flag desecration law.  In New Mexico it is a petty misdemeanor to insult the federal or state flag by words or actions.  Thus, it is a crime to yell expletives at the flag, as well as to burn it.  Additionally, it is a crime to use a flag for a purpose other than that intended by the law; therefore, it is unclear whether it would be illegal to use the flag as a part of a protest, even if it’s not burned in the process.

New Mexico has been at the helm of a landmark case for environmental rights, Entergy Corp. v. EPA.  The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to issue its decision in July, 2009 on whether the Clean Water Act allows the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate pollution.  Specifically, the Court must decide whether the Act allows the EPA to use a cost-benefit analysis to decide which technology should be implemented at water cooling intake structures, and to regulate those structures in the future.  New Mexico, along with 11 other states, the City of Albuquerque, and many environmental organizations, are petitioners in the case.  They argue that EPA rules run afoul of federal clean-water laws.  However, the power industry asserts that the EPA should be allowed to consider disproportionate costs when drafting water-cooling rules.

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