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Learn More About Alamogordo, NM

The city of Alamogordo is the county seat of Otero County, located in south-central New Mexico. This desert community is the nearest community to the Holloman Air Force Base. The city’s economy turned to tourism in 1934 when the White Sands National Monument opened nearby. This tourist attraction drew many people to Alamogordo and continues to do so today.

Alamogordo lawyers can help you with various legal issues. These attorneys regularly represent their clients in many areas of law including personal injury, criminal defense, divorce, tax, bankruptcy, automobile accidents, child custody, assault, battery, arson, wrongful death, and more.

The Alamogordo Police Department recently paid $21,000 to settle a lawsuit that was brought against it. The man who brought the lawsuit claimed that he was detained and disarmed in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights. The man was seized when he entered a movie theater with a holstered pistol that he was openly carrying. The federal court that heard the initial complaint decided that the Alamogordo police had no cause to detain the man because there was no threat of imminent danger, and that by disarming him; the police had violated the man’s civil right to carry a legal gun. In lieu of continuing the lawsuit, the police department decided instead to settle the lawsuit.

The Otero County Courthouse, which houses the 12th Judicial District Court, can be found in Alamogordo. This is the court that your case will likely be heard in if it arose in Alamogordo. You will want to make sure that your attorney knows the rules of this court and is comfortable in this setting.

When you are ready to find such a lawyer in Alamogordo, is here to assist you. LegalMatch offers you a unique online legal matching service.   Unlike other services that charge you to be referred to one attorney, LegalMatch works differently. After posting your case in our system, local attorneys who are pre-screened and know how to handle your lawsuit can read about your situation and write to you. Then, you can read their profile as well as reviews of their past clients to make the best decision for your situation.

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