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Learn More About Hobbs, NM

Hobbs is in Lea County, New Mexico and plays host to some very notable attractions. Hobbs is also the headquarters of the Soaring Society of America which promotes gliding, the thoroughbred and quarter horse racetrack named Zia Park, and is one of may United States towns to claim to be the home of the black squirrels.
Hobbs is also home to lawyers who are familiar with Lea County and New Mexico State courts. Lawyers in Hobbs take a broad selection of cases such as bankruptcy, child custody, automobile injury, DUI, and real estate cases.
Recently in Hobbs, 26-year-old Aubrey Savage was sentenced to life in prison by the Fifth Judicial District Court. Savage was involved in an altercation at a local dance hall when it escalated. The brawl ultimately ended when Savage shot Yurhonnd DeLoach 5 times in the back while DeLoach laid face down on the ground.
If you have a civil lawsuit to file in Hobbs then you will probably be heading to a court in Lea County. The Fifth Judicial District Court is solely responsible for handling juvenile, felony, domestic relation, mental health, civil, and appeals cases from lower courts in the area. New Mexico district courts also handle tort, contract, real property, probate, and misdemeanor cases.
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