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Learn More About Las Cruces, NM

Las Cruces is home to New Mexico’s most popular festival, the Whole Enchilada Fiesta. In 2000, the festival captured the attention of Guinness World Records when they made the largest Enchilada ever (it measured 10 ½ feet wide). Las Cruces is also where you’ll find New Mexico State University, New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum, and the Thomas Branigam Memorial Library.
Las Cruces lawyers are knowledgeable of local court proceedings and take cases such as: chapter 7 bankruptcy, employment disputes, permanent/work visas, real estate, and divorce. Lawyers in Las Cruces are able to assist you with any legal issue you’re facing.
Las Cruces was recently at the center of a U.S. District Court dispute filed by Paul Weinbaum, who objected to the three crosses which adorn the city’s emblem as an unlawful merging of church and state. Research on the historical and geographical past of the region concluded that the crosses weren’t religiously based; instead, the city got its name from the graves the dotted the hillside and had become a landmark for travelers. When the city was incorporated, Las Cruces rationally retained its name.
If you’re fighting criminal charges in Las Cruces, you will be visiting the 3rd Judicial District Court which has jurisdiction over criminal, domestic, probate, all civil cases and juvenile cases. If you are looking to fight a locally issued citation, you are likely to visit the Las Cruces Municipal Court which also handles select misdemeanor cases.
The best place to find a bar certified Las Cruces lawyer is through LegalMatch’s free online pairing services which offers a unique customer satisfaction guarantee. LegalMatch also allows you to check prices, availability, and read past clients’ reviews of lawyers who’ve accepted your case. Check out the LegalCenter for forums, tips, and an online law library to do some research.
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