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Learn More About Clovis, NM

You may wonder why the mostly agricultural town of Clovis is often cited as one of the must see places in New Mexico. It is because it is home to the Normal Petty Recording Studio, which played a large role in the birth of rock and roll. Bands such as Buddy Holly and The Crickets often recorded in the studio. The Cricket’s number one trademark song, "That’ll Be the Day," was recorded in Clovis.
There are a number of qualified and reputable Clovis lawyers that are available to assist you in many areas of law including personal injury, automobile accidents, reckless driving, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, alimony, arson, contracts and more.
A Clovis man was recently sentenced to thirty years behind bars for a home invasion. The man, a 20 year old Clovis resident, was convicted of forcing his way into a private residence in July of 2008. Upon entering the home, the man assaulted the homeowner and eventually fired a gun at the homeowner as the victim attempted to flee the scene. According to the terms of his sentence, it will be at least 25 years before the Clovis man is eligible for parole.
The residents of Clovis are well served by the Ninth Judicial District Court of New Mexico. This is the court where many local Clovis attorneys practice their trade. It would be to your advantage to ensure that the attorney you hire is comfortable in this courtroom.
If you need the services of a qualified Clovis lawyer, can help you find one free of charge. Our unique attorney client matching service will match you with local pre-screened Clovis lawyers that know your rights. LegalMatch can also provide you with background reading on every attorney you communicate with through our service, allowing you to be confident in selecting your advocate.
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