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Davenport is the county seat of Scott County and the largest city in the Quad Cities area. Davenport lies along the Mississippi River and is home to several summer music festivals, such as the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival. The Bix 7, a seven mile run along the Mississippi, is held during the festival.

Davenport IA Lawyers

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A few years ago, the Davenport Catholic Diocese settled a number of different lawsuits that alleged sexual abuse. Davenport attorneys representing local plaintiffs were able to secure $9 million for their victims, who all claimed they were sexually abused as children by Davenport Catholic Priests.
If you have a case in Davenport, you will want an attorney that knows how to operate in the Scott County Court system. Knowledge of local rules and procedures is an important consideration when choosing your Davenport attorney.   
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