Illegal Ownership of Animals

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Are There Animals I Cannot Legally Keep as Pets?
There are many animals that are illegal to keep as pets. Each state has its own specific laws about which animals are illegal. Illegal animals can bring diseases from their native lands or cause environmental havoc if they escape from their owners.

What are Some Examples of Illegal Animals?
There are a variety of animals that are considered illegal to own. Though each state has different laws, these are the most common types of animals that are considered illegal:

What are the Likely Consequences for Being Caught with an Illegal Animal?
The punishment for being caught with an illegal animal can be severe. Typical punishment includes:

How Can an Attorney Help me?
Different states have different laws about illegal animals. If you move across state lines with an exotic pet, problems may arise if you are not aware of the local laws. A local attorney can explain the law to you. If you were punished for owning an illegal animal, an experienced attorney can make sure you were not punished improperly.

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