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Animal Neglect Lawyers

Animal cruelty is the inhumane treatment of an animal whether it’s a pet or livestock. Animal abuse happens when an animal is physically harmed or neglected on purpose. Including criminal acts such as torture or poisoning.

What is Animal Neglect?

Animal neglect, also called animal abandonment, is a type of animal cruelty. The neglect occurs when an individual doesn’t provide adequate care for the animal, or animals, in his care.

What Type of Animal Can be Neglected?

The neglected animal may be the:

What Is Considered Animal Neglect?

Animal neglect a wide range of abuse. This includes:

Is it Still Abuse If I Didn’t Mean to Neglect My Pet?

Even if you did not mean to neglect your pet you can still be charged with animal neglect. Animal neglect includes the deliberate abuse of an animal or the failure to take care of the animal.

Will I Go To Jail If Convicted of Animal Neglect?

Jail time is possible. For instance, in Ohio a defendant can face a sentence of up to 90 days in jail for animal neglect. If the neglect was truly unintentional, authorities may try to help the owner correct the situation.

Is an Animal Attack Lawsuit the Same as an Animal Neglect?

No. An animal attack lawsuit is a civil lawsuit based on an owner’s animal biting or attacking a plaintiff. While animal neglect is a criminal charge.

Do I Need a Lawyer for an Animal Neglect Case?

Yes. You should contact a criminal lawyer regarding an animal neglect charge. A lawyer will advise you of your rights and how to proceed with the case. The criminal lawyer may also work to reduce or eliminate the neglect charge.

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