Owners of wild animals are most often liable for injuries caused by the animal, even if they employ the utmost care to try to prevent harm. Unlike domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, and horses, the law automatically presumes that wild animals are dangerous. People who own them can be subject to strict liability for injuries they may cause.

People injured by animals who are not under the control of a human will most likely not have a legal claim because such animals do not have owners to sue. The only exception may be in the case where a local animal shelter’s negligence creates a situation in which a stray injures a person.

What Are the Risks of Keeping a Wild Animal?

Keeping an animal that is not domesticated can put yourself or others at risk of serious injury. Undomesticated animals display unpredictable behaviors, particularly if they were born or raised in the wild. Keeping undomesticated animals as pets can be a legal liability, but can also expose you to criminal or civil penalties or fines.

Should I Consult an Attorney about an Animal Attack Issue?

Animal attacks can have very serious consequences for both the owners of the animals and the people injured by them. An experienced animal attack attorney can help determine the appropriate rules of law in either case.