In Nevada, firing a weapon where doing so is not legally allowed is a crime regardless of whether the person firing the gun can legally possess a gun or not. Discharging, or firing, a weapon can lead to a person facing a number of separate criminal charges, including:

  • Firing a weapon in public
  • Firing a weapon at a vehicle or building
  • Firing a weapon from a building or vehicle

What is the Crime of Firing a Weapon in Public in Nevada?

To fire a weapon in public refers to discharging a gun in a public area. The area can range from a public street to a hotel. The state considers a public place to be any area that is a public resort. What makes firing a weapon unlawful is that the act must be done:

  • Wantonly
  • Negligently
  • Maliciously

What If I Did Not Hurt Anyone?

Discharging a weapon is a crime that does not involve injuring anyone. If someone is injured as a result of the weapon being fired, then the applicable crime would likely be aggravated battery or something worse.

Are Firing a Weapon in Public and Discharging a Weapon Where People Might Get Hurt the Same Crime?

No. Nevada has separate criminal statutes for firing a weapon in a public space and firing a weapon where a person might be endangered. If a person aims a weapon at another person or discharges a weapon in a location where a person could be endangered, but no one was hurt, is a gross misdemeanor.

How Much Jail Time Will I Get for Firing a Weapon in Public?

Discharging a weapon in public is a misdemeanor. As a misdemeanor conviction, a person is looking at the punishment of:

  • Six months in jail
  • $1,000 fine
  • Fine and county jail time

Can a Criminal Lawyer Help Me with My Case?

Yes, a Nevada criminal lawyer can definitely help you with your weapons case. Contact a lawyer immediately to find out how to resolve your case.