Harassment is the unwanted attention or inappropriate behavior a person does to another individual. It is sometimes found in the workplace. Criminal harassment is different from workplace harassment because an individual accused of criminal harassment can go to jail if found guilty.

How Does Harassment Become a Criminal Charge in Nevada?

A person can be charged with criminal harassment in Nevada when they knowingly, and without legal authority, threaten to:

  • Cause a victim bodily injury in the future
  • Cause physical damage to a victim’s property
  • Commit an act with the intent to substantially harm a victim or any other individual mentally or physically
  • Subject the victim or another individual to physical restraint or confinement

Is It Still Criminal Harassment If I Only Say Something to the Alleged Victim?

Yes. In Nevada, words placing a victim receiving that threat in reasonable fear are enough for them to be harassment. The words are considered a crime because the victim has a reasonable fear the threat will happen. The threat can also be carried out through actions.

Are Criminal Harassment and Stalking Similar Crimes in Nevada?

No. Stalking is the unlawful act, malicious, and willful act of frightening, intimidating, harassing, or placing a person in fear of an immediate of their safety. The stalking may happen to the victim or their family and household members. Criminal harassment is the act of using words or actions to directly threaten someone.

What Is the Penalty for a First Offense Harassment Conviction in Nevada?

A person convicted of harassment for the first time faces a misdemeanor punishment of:

  • Six months in county jail
  • $1,000 fine
  • County jail time or a fine

Is a Second Conviction of Criminal Harassment Also a Misdemeanor in Nevada?

Yes, but it is a gross misdemeanor. This type of misdemeanor is punishable by:

  • One year in county jail
  • $2,000 fine
  • Fine and county jail time

Do I Need a Lawyer?

An accusation of criminal harassment can severely impact your life and leave you with a criminal record. To understand more about the criminal charge and how to resolve it, speak to a Nevada lawyer.