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What Is Criminal Trespass?

A person commits criminal trespass when they enter an individual’s property or remain there after being told to leave by the owner. Whether they enter the property or remain there, they do not have the property owner’s permission. Without the owner’s consent means the person did not get permission from the owner to be on their property or remain there after getting permission.

How Can One Be Found Guilty of Criminal Trespass in Nevada?

The state has three definitions of trespass. Nevada defines criminal trespass as entering the land of another:

What Does It Mean to Trespass After Being Warned?

To trespass after being warned refers to a person choosing to trespass onto a piece of property after the owner has warned them to not trespass. In Nevada, a landowner can provide warning against trespassing by:

Are Burglary and Trespass the Same Crime in Nevada?

No, the crimes have two major differences. First, burglary is a felony and trespass is a misdemeanor. The other difference is burglary is the unlawful breaking and entering into a property of another person with the intent to commit a crime therein. Trespass is only entering onto or staying on someone’s property without having to break into the property or with the intent to commit a crime once inside. 

What Punishment Will I Face If Convicted of Trespass?

In Nevada, trespassing is a misdemeanor punishable by:

Can an Attorney Help Me?

If you are accused of trespassing, contact a Nevada attorney immediately. An attorney can assist you with fighting your trespass charge.

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