To help you understand your legal issues, we’ve created "Ultimate Guides" about the major areas of law. Each guide contains the basic laws and principles that are essential in understanding the legal challenge you are facing. Each guide also guides links to other articles, so you can use this page as an index to access the information you need.

Business Law Ultimate Guides

Running a business can be full of difficult decisions, but the legal decisions can be easier if you have the right information. Whether a small store, or massive corporation, every business should understand their rights and responsibilities when a legal issue arises. The following guides can help employers or owners understand how to navigate through tough legal issues.

Criminal Law Ultimate Guides

When charged with a crime, a good attorney is vital in determining your future. Crime can range from a hit and run to embezzling money. If you are not aware of your rights, you can easily land yourself in jail with a maximum sentence. Obtaining a great lawyer, and being aware of your rights throughout the court process, is essential to ensure the best possible outcome for your future.

Estate Planning Ultimate Guides

There are two things in life that are certain: death and taxes. Although death is unavoidable, we can plan for it so that our loved ones only have to deal with the emotional hardship death will bring. A well planned estate will give your family the financial stability you provided in life, even if after you’re gone.

Family Law Ultimate Guides

When creating or maintaining a family, many unexpected circumstances may potentially arise. Divorce is never easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain contact with your children or start over with a new family. When dealing with these issues, finding a sympathetic but effective lawyer is essential.

The following guides offer information on each legal area of family law, and will hopefully help you with your legal needs:

Employment Law Ultimate Guides

Most people have to work to survive. We may have different contracts, work environments, or ethical codes, but we all have the same basic employment rights. Employment law covers FMLA and disability rights, harassing work environments, benefits and discrimination. Knowing your basic rights as a worker is essential, and the following guide can improve your knowledge of the system.

Immigration Law Ultimate Guides

The United States offers immigrants many opportunities that they might not have in their home country. Many visa options are available for those who wish to immigrate into the U.S. Work, fiancé, or student visas are available for those who qualify. Green cards are also an option for those who wish to permanently live in the U.S. This guide can help direct you through the complicated process of obtaining a green card, and hopefully make the experience a little easier.

Personal Injury Law Ultimate Guides

If we become injured, it can cost a lot of time and money to heal. Personal injury victims shouldn’t be the ones who pay for those injuries. Medical bills and lost work income are just a few examples of the types of compensation personal injury victims may be rewarded. The following guides detail important aspects of personal injury cases that are essential to know in order to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Real Estate Law Ultimate Guides

Everyone needs a roof over their head, but finding and keeping a home can be difficult. Real estate law can either involve residential or commercial property. Tenant and landlord law involves lease agreements, security deposits, and repairs. Homeowner and realtor cases may involve breach of contract, failing to disclose known problems of the property, or unjustifiably delaying the closing of the sale. These ultimate guides will cover the basics of real estate law.