Legal groups, or law groups, are organizations comprised of a number of attorneys who work together to handle various legal issues and cases. The main goal of a legal group is to provide advice and representation for clients who are involved with legal issues. They are also referred to as law firms or legal firms.

How Do Legal Groups Help with Legal Issues?

Depending on the organization, as well as the task at hand, the attorneys in a legal group may work very closely on a project. At other times the attorneys might work quite independently. Legal groups are formed for many reasons, such as increasing small firm marketing, hourly billing rates, or for reasons related to professional liability.

Lawyers in a legal group perform the same tasks as any other lawyer, including legal research, drafting documents, and making appearances in court with the client.

What If a Legal Group Is Liable for a Violation or for My Own Losses?

Lawyers practicing in a legal group are still subject to all ethical regulations and rules of professional responsibility. Any instances of attorney malpractice or other violations can still result in consequences for the attorney. On the other hand, lawyers in a legal group can sometimes work together, and liability for a violation can be spread across the group in many ways. Liability may depend on several factors, including:

  • Which attorney worked on the project
  • What type of work they did
  • Whether or not the attorney was instructed to perform the conduct, or whether they acted on their own initiative
  • The type of business formation of the legal group. (I.e., liability is different for some business forms, for instance, a limited partnership compared to other forms)

Are There Any Alternatives to Working with a Legal Group?

There are many, many different legal groups practicing law. In fact, it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to find the right legal group or the right attorney to help you with your legal needs. can help put you in touch with a lawyer who can help you with your case. Simply fill out our online intake form, and we will present your case to a number of attorneys located in your area. A qualified defective products lawyer can assist you with your legal claim and can provide you with legal advice on the matters.