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3 Tips to Help You Find a Lawyer

Find a lawyer that best suits your needs.

There are a lot of lawyers out there, but how do you find one that best suits your needs?

First, you need to find one who works in the proper jurisdiction. Typically, lawyers are licensed to practice in a particular state. LegalMatch clearly indicates the states in which its lawyers are licensed, making the selection process very easy for you.

Second, you need to find one who knows how to best handle your case best. Many lawyers specialize in one type of law or another. A specialist in family law won’t be your best option if you need a bankruptcy lawyer. LegalMatch matches your case with lawyers based on their practice areas and expertise to make it simple for you to find a specialist or a generalist as you search for legal help.

Third, you need to find a lawyer compatible with your budget. If a lawyer on television advertises low fees, they may not include every service you’ll need in that fee. LegalMatch requires lawyers to spell out exactly what is included in the advertised fee. This allows you to compare what lawyers are charging with what services they actually provide.

LegalMatch makes finding a qualified lawyer fast and easy. Present your case, and interested attorneys will send you a message commenting on your case and describing why they may be best qualified to help you.

Read legal advertisements carefully.

As a general rule in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Many reputable lawyers don’t advertise in newspapers or the Yellow Pages. Don’t assume that the size of the Yellow Page ad means that a lawyer is better qualified than one with a small ad (or no ad at all). Always review a lawyer’s background. LegalMatch makes this easy with the profiles we offer on our LegalMatch Member Attorneys. These help you learn about a lawyer’s experience and qualifications.

Consider more than one lawyer.

Consider several lawyers before selecting one. It is important that you find someone who has the skills you need, who will be honest with you and who will work hard on your behalf. Make sure you review all the responses from attorneys on your LegalMatch homepage and carefully read each LegalMatch Member Attorney’s profile to learn about his or her experience and qualifications. Then, check out each attorney’s LegalMatch Client-Rating to find out the experiences of other clients with this attorney.

Be prepared when you call or meet with the lawyer you selected. Make a list of questions so you get the information you need. If you think you might feel intimidated asking these questions in person, email them to the LegalMatch Member Attorney and don’t agree to anything until you get the answers. Focus on what you want to know, including asking for references, recent cases they handled, whether or not they have tried similar cases, if they will have a less experienced lawyer working on your case instead of handling it themselves, or if they will refer you to a different lawyer if it looks like you will be going to court.

Never sign anything until you have time to review it and consider other responses, and certainly do not sign anything you do not fully understand.

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