Now that you have posted your case in our system, it is now available for registered attorneys in your area to view.  

What Happens Next? 

  1. Qualified lawyers will respond within 48 hours.
    Qualified Attorneys will review your case. If they will be able to help you with your legal issue, they will respond within 48 hours. So, keep an eye on your inbox because you will be receiving personal messages from our lawyers soon. LegalMatch will notify you of any response by email (if you opted for this service while posting your case). You may also log in to your LegalMatch Home to check for attorney responses.If you do not receive a response immediately, be patient. Attorneys need time to carefully review the information you provided. LegalMatch also adds new attorneys daily, and each new attorney registered will have the opportunity to review your case and respond.
  2. Review lawyer information.
    When you receive responses from our attorneys, you can take this opportunity to review each lawyer’s profile and learn more about their education, ratings, and professional experience. Remember, you have total control over choosing which response suits your needs.
  3. Give them a call or schedule an initial consultation.
    When you’ve found a few lawyers that seem like a fit and you feel confident that they have a relevant experience to be able to help you with your issue, give them a call or schedule an initial consultation. You can ask questions during this time and make an informed, confident decision on which lawyer to retain. 
  4. Hire a lawyer.
    It’s time to make your move and hire the best lawyer who will accompany you throughout your legal process. 

Getting your case started can easily happen right on the LegalMatch platform. All LegalMatch member attorneys are pre-screened, licensed, and in good standing with their state bar association. Feel confident in knowing that your case will be handled by a LegalMatch attorney who is well-versed in the category of law that they specialize in.