Since the early days of the Christian church, Christian lawyers have played a significant role in the growth, and progress of the church.  They have often used their legal skills and training to uphold Christianity and further its cause.  Outside of the religious community, Christian lawyers have accomplished significant advances for the greater good of society. 

Today, Christian lawyers continue to represent people and organizations to promote ideals like justice, equality, and freedom.  LegalMatch recognizes that some clients would like to specifically hire a Christian lawyer for help with their case.  In response to this need, we offer the option of choosing an attorney who is Christian.  Some prominent historical Christian lawyers include:

Zenas the Lawyer (mentioned in the Bible):  The Apostle Paul thought it was significant to include Zenas’ profession when listing him in the book of Titus, chapter 3, verse 13.  Here Paul instructs the early church members to do everything they can to “help Zenas the lawyer” and his companion Apollos and “see that they have everything they need” This short passage conveys the idea that lawyers played a significant role in the early founding of the Christian church; it also serves as encouragement for modern-day believers to continue supporting the legal profession. 

Tertullian (born 160 A.D.):  Tertullian was one of the most prolific Christian writers during the early days of the Christian church.  He is known for being a prime example of a Christian apologist who defended the church against various ideologies in circulation at the time.  He is also known as the “founder” of Western theology, and the “father of Latin Christianity”.  Due to his writing style and use of legal analogies, he is traditionally thought to be a lawyer, specializing in Roman law.

Lewis Wallace (born 1827):  “Lew” Wallace was an American lawyer and the author of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, (later adapted to film).  Apart from lawyering, he utilized his legal training to examine the historical legitimacy of Christian doctrines such as the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Wallace approached the resurrection as if it were a legal case, using various forms of evidence and deduction to analyze the historical truth of the event. Due to his writings, many other persons have used their legal training to conduct similar historical research of Christian doctrines, (notably, Harvard law professor Simon Greenleaf, and British lawyer Frank Morison).

William Jennings Bryan (born 1860):  Another American attorney and the 41st U.S. Secretary of State, Bryan was the lawyer for the famous “Scopes Trial”.  The Scopes trial addressed the teaching of Darwinist evolution and religion in public schools.  An avid prohibitionist, he was regarded as one of the most dynamic orators of his era and an advocate for the rights of “the common people”.

Michael McConnell (born 1955):  McConnell is a lawyer, legal scholar, and former federal judge for the U.S. District of Appeals (10th Circuit).  As judge and lawyer, he is noted for his advocacy involving the rights of Christian groups, in particular the Constitutional right to association and the rights of religious organizations to exclude applicants.  His involvement in notable cases in includes Boy Scouts of America v. Dale (2000) and Christian Legal Society vs. Martinez (2010).  

At LegalMatch, we understand the importance of a harmonious attorney-client relationship.  For some people, this involves hiring a Christian lawyer who maintains a similar set of morals, values, and ethical standards.  Our lawyer-client matching service allows you to select whether you’d prefer to hire a Christian attorney.  Simply indicate your preference when presenting your case, and you’ll be promptly matched with a Christian lawyer in your area.