Skin peeling chemically burns off skin.  The chemical component is different among the brands but they seem to all have the same effect.  These are marketed as beauty products that promise to melt away years of scaring, wrinkles and damaged skin.  These products have caused injury in the recent past because they are now more readily available at beauty stores. 

Adverse Effects of Skin-Peelers

Chemical skin peels contain harsh chemicals such as lactic and tricholoracetate acid.  Most injuries occur when applied by non-medical professionals, such as beauticians and through home-use.  Often the chemicals burn too deep and cause 2nd degree burns leaving permanent scars and in rare cases it can lead to seizures. 

Current Status of Skin-Peelers

The FDA considers skin-peeling products to be drugs and must be approved to be legally sold.  Currently, none have been approved by the FDA to be safe and legally marketed.  Many are sold through the internet and through beauty supply shops.  If you have suffered injuries from chemical skin peelers, contacting an attorney specializing in defective medical products can help preserve your legal rights and your ability to recover for your injuries.